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Learn How to Swaddle - Easy as 1-2-3 Swaddle®

SwaddleDesigns blankets are the only swaddling blankets with instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket (patent pending).


Natural Position

Experts recommend swaddling baby in a natural position with elbows, knees and hips flexed for proper joint development, and with baby's hands within reach of mouth so baby can suck on his or her fingers to self-console.

You may also choose to wrap baby with one or both hands down inside the swaddle with baby's elbows in a flexed position and offer baby a pacifier once breastfeeding is established.

Wrap Snugly

A loose swaddle is ineffective, so wrap baby snugly, but not so tightly as to impede baby's breathing. You should be able to slide your hand between the blanket and your baby's chest. It should feel snug, not loose.

Custom Fit

SwaddleDesigns large square blankets allow for a custom fit swaddle whether your baby is small, medium or large.

Follow the steps on the 123 Swaddle Tip Tag

Avoid having the blanket touch baby's cheek, this can stimulate baby's rooting response and wake baby.

Ensure baby’s hips and knees are in a flexed froglike position inside the swaddle. Do not straighten or over extend your baby’s joints. Support baby in a natural position for proper joint development,

Our swaddling blankets are designed with good stretch when they are in the diamond position for swaddling.

Every baby is unique. Ask your baby's pediatrician about swaddling your baby.

Benefits of Swaddling

Medical studies have shown there are many benefits to swaddling.

  • Supine Swaddling Decreases the Risk of SIDS
  • Swaddled Babies Sleep Better®
  • Reduces Colic and Fussiness
  • Helpful When Breastfeeding